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Air Duct 1

Have clean indoor air and gain peace of mind with our premium air duct cleaning.

You can trust American Home Services to clean your air ducts the right way.  With over twenty years of hands-on experience and an  A+  rating from the Better Business Bureau, we'll do the job right without making a mess.


Working from each vent opening, we use special high-powered HEPA filtered duct cleaning equipment to brush and vacuum all  of your duct work. 


And every duct cleaning we do is full-service and complete so we also include:

    -  the registers (vent covers)

    -  the filter (or change it)

    -  the return (the intake)

    -  the coil. 


Finally, we also offer a safe, gentle sanitizer  that's made just for use in air ducts at no additional cost (applied only by request).


Let American Home Services help you gain peace of mind and breathe clean indoor air again.  Call today to make an appointment.  You'll be glad you did.

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